Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cheat days or cheat meals

In my last post I talked about how we can still enjoy our comfort foods if we schedule it once a week and have a cheat day - or Comfort Eaters day. This is great for some people, but what about those of us that really want to follow our diet for six pack program but find ourselves eating comfort foods more than once a week?

No problem, another great solution is to eat as healthy as you can for most of the week, and then have 3 meals spaced where ever you want during the week for your Comfort Eating. This will still work and allow you to stay on track with your Diet for Six Pack program.

Now doesn't that make you all happy inside? It does me!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Comfort Eaters Diet

If you must diet, and really the definition of diet does not mean torture your self till you lose weight in an unhealthy and radical way, really we are all dieting. Diet is simply your eating plan, and if you have an eating plan that is setup to lose weight - and if that is what you currently want - then great, good for you.

Most people don't diet right, they get all excited about some diet, have great intentions to get a six pack even, but they pick a diet that they can not follow. A diet that does not have the foods they enjoy, their comfort foods.

There is really a way to enjoy your comfort foods (once a week) and still lose weight, in fact even have a six pack. Diet For Six Pack is possible, you can enjoy your foods and eat healthy at the same time. I recommend you have a cheat day you schedule once a week and eat all the comfort foods you want - don't engorge on the foods and eat way to much of them, just eat till you fill full on the comfort foods you enjoy on that one cheat day. Then on the other days follow one of the great programs recommended for Diet For Six Pack.