Friday, February 4, 2011

What about the Comfort Foods?

"What about the Comfort Food?"  This was a question that I recently had asked me by one of my email list followers.  Join my email list now so you can get updates on products and programs!  Enter your information to the Right.

I have spoken about how you can get six pack abs and still enjoy some of the foods you love with Cheat days.  One email said but that just isn't good enough for them, so I went on a quest to find a cook book that would give them the foods they want, and still allow them to be on a diet to lose weight, and I found this the "Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet CookBook"

This book allows them to enjoy the comfort foods and still lose some weight!  I hope it gives you the comfort you want!

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  4. French food dictionary was then but these days help is on hand with a neat little pocket book called The A-Z of French Food - Dictionaire Gastronomique Francais-Anglais which comes highly recommended by Hub-UK.

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